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About DsiN

About Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V.

In 2005 a number of large companies, organisations, and trade associations came together in the initiative ''Deutschland sicher im Netz'' to make an active contribution to greater IT security in Germany. At the first IT Summit of the Federal Government in December 2006, the initiative became the incorporated association ''Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V'' and in June 2007 the Federal Ministry of the Interior became DsiN's patron.

As a neutral body, with respect to particular products and manufacturers, DsiN e.V. is a central point of contact for users and small businesses (www.sicher-im-netz.de).

The registered non-profit association DsiN provides comprehensive and independent information to consumers and businesses on issues of IT security.  We raise consciousness and strengthen confidence in new technologies by encouraging a secure approach to the Internet and information technology.  Through a wide range of activities, together with our members, we make a practical contribution to greater IT security. Our active approach becomes visible though our member's commitment.


Services for Consumers
DsiN offers comprehensive information in a wide range of topics such as secure online shopping, sensible Internet surfing, secure online payment methods, botnets, and much more. Beside checklists and guidelines you can also find helpful tools on our website.

The Security Barometer, similar to a traffic light, warns of such dangers as computer viruses, trojans, spyware, or phishing attacks. Our Passwort-Wechsel-App provides assistance for updating passwords. Our consumers are also able to voice complaints through our Internet Beschwerdestelle hotline. Our film campaign with spots on the subject like safer passwords, data privacy, and safer online shopping from 2009 is still relevant today.

Services for Companies
Another target group is small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s). DsiN offers information to IT managers and employees to help get started with IT security. SME’s can increase awareness and self-determination in working with the media for the purpose of increasing competence. DsiN provides practical examples, training materials, and checklists as a service.

Our brochure ''Secure Office Environment'' provides a guideline for the secure use of IT within a company or business. It raises awareness of the possible hazards in dealing with IT and gives simple advice. The online DsiN Security Check takes only 10 minutes to complete and ensures secure e-mail communication, use on mobile devices, and compliance for companies. The DsiN Blog for SME’s encourages exchange and networking between specialists in IT security and interested enterprises at http://www.dsin-blog.de.

Members of our Association
Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V. works to reach and include social relevant groups. DsiN consists of different enterprises and associations. You can find an overview over our current members here

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